Stefanie is the Founder of Fuck Being Humble, a platform designed to ignite confidence in young women and encourage you to self-promote when diving into the professional world.

The Fuck Being Humble Core Values:

1. Be unapologetically proud of your achievements

2. Empower and enable undiscovered talent

3. Champion people who are making waves

4. Be genuine, supportive and inclusive

Stefanie’s Top Tip for Creating an Online Presence:

“Make sure you’re visible, regularly updated and honest. Employers don’t want to be catfished as much as a date on Bumble, share your personality and own your achievements.

For the first 18 months that I lived in London, I was networking a lot through my job and in doing so I found I was regularly faced with panels and speakers who were plus 50, white, middle class, predominately male, CEOs or founders of businesses. And whilst there is no discrediting their experience, I was always left feeling like I didn’t truly connect with them, and frustrated that I was aware of incredible talent in London who just weren’t getting their time to shine.

So when I did my research on why this was, I found that people struggle with self-promotion and putting themselves out there to be noticed. Throughout my career of working in advertising, I’d grown knowledge on presenting, networking, new business tactics and how to cut through the clutter, so I wanted to put this knowledge to use and help people where I could.

I set out to challenge the status quo of stuffy networking events where everyone’s dressed in suits and the awkward chat overbears the room, so when you attend one our events, it’s filled with good food, drinks, live DJs, a diverse panel and an interactive talk from me that usually consists of practical advice and comical memes. I try to make the events as inclusive as possible, with diverse and relatable panellists, opportunities for the audience to self-promote and workshop activities that leave attendees going home with actionable steps to improve their approach to self-promotion.

I always encourage people to be their own best hype-men, because no one will ever sell you better than yourself. You have to identify your distinctive qualities, achievements and benefits, and bring them to the surface for everyone to see.

I always champion the message ‘It’s not who you know, it’s who you are’, I’m a firm believer that if you want to make it in your chosen industry you’ll do everything you can to meet the right people. I’m from a family of finance and grew up in Leeds so I never had an uncle that worked at i-D or a family friend who worked at Saatchi & Saatchi, so every work experience, job and connection I’ve made has been through my own graft. Don’t get me wrong, it definitely helps if you have a foot in the door, but there is something even more satisfying when you’ve made it on your own.”

Stefanie, Founder of Fuck Being Humble @fbeinghumbleldn

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