Credit: Divya Seshadri @bydivya

Finding time to write can be difficult for us creative types, even if it’s our number one passion. Jobs, families, friends and other commitments rein over our lives and sitting down to scribble some words or type some notes can feel like a distant fantasy sometimes. Priorities take over and before you know it you haven’t written a single anecdote for weeks and your mind is itching to splurt its discoveries onto paper.

And if you’ve managed to find the time, searching within for that confidence is the hurdle to overcome. Where do I start? What if it’s shit? What do I write about? What if people don’t like it?

Writer and Comedian Stevie Martin, co-host of The Nobody Panic podcast and all round funny gal, shares her tips with us on how to motivate yourself to write confidently.

“I think women have less confidence to just start writing, or to pitch something. Write and pitch like a man would! Don’t over-think it, because it’s so easy to convince yourself out of doing something – just jump in and shape it / edit it later! At least then you’ll have something to work with, rather than a blank page.”

Take ownership of your writing. Imposter syndrome will have you feeling like your writing won’t amount to anything or that people will think it’s crap, but so what? Fight against the self-doubt and dive in head first. Go for it. Wing it. You never know if you never try.

“Making time to write is something I’m still working out. The only thing that works for me is a looming deadline, so give yourself that if you can. Make yourself accountable to someone else. If you have no deadline, and you still manage to write regularly, please message me and tell me how you manage it. Because I can’t.”

Setting yourself a time frame in which to achieve something allows your mind to prioritise it. Deadlines and time limits can instil anxiety in some but see them as gentle reminders to get shit done. Use them to help you organise and prioritise your writing time.

Another way is giving yourself treats when finishing a piece of writing. This can be a dangerous game if you aren’t self-disciplined enough but give it a go, make it fun. It’s all about finding what works for you. Being firm with yourself will get you far but remember, everyone has lazy days. Don’t berate yourself if you don’t get that article finished by tonight or if that think-piece is looming on your to-do list. Just try to carve the time into your schedule . When it’s done, you can have that choccy bar waiting for you.

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